Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide® Manual Razor Blade Refills, 4 Count


Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide® Manual Razor Blade Refills, 4 Count 17.95
razor features
The best blades ever
I have used fusion 5 blades for several years and its the best shave I have ever had. Each blade will last me almost 2 months. Its the smoothest shave ever. It is worth the price..
Best shave ever
Always bought Bic changed to fission 5 best shave I've ever had [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
This Blades are like balsam for my face. Thanks!
I can use it under any circumstance even if I pour small amount of water over my skin. Greetings from Mexico City!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Fusion 5
I really like this razor system. I have bought replacement blades only a couple times. I have had to switch. Why? I am a retired Amry vet and a senior and I just can’t afford them.
What happen to the QUALITY of your product ????
I have been using you 5 blades razors for many years. The current Fusion 5 is NOT the same. Cheaper metal or something. It is NOW a poor product. What happen ??? Please reply.
Smooth Close shave
Shaves very gently and leaves a close shave all day. I re use the razors for a couple weeks before I have to change it. Great product.
Bring back disposable fusion
The Fusion disposable is the finest balanced and cutting razor ever. No where is stores now . The new model cuts well but is heavy and unbalanced . [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Nice ,light and gets a close cut I definitely recommend it to all men who like a nice smooth shave [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
The best razor ive ever used.
This is truly the best razor I've ever used. And I notice that if I dry it off afterwards, it keeps it from getting rusty an d lasts twice as long. Verifying the quality of the blade. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Excellent Product
I've used Fusion Blades and love them! They last longer than others I've used in the past and I love the lubricated strip! I have not cut my legs once since using these! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Blade performance is inconsistent
I have bought 3 Proglide razors and the blades that come with the razors are, by far, the best that I have ever used. Why are these blades better than the blades that are bought separately? [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Great razar
Dont like to shave but not with this razor. Smooth skin and no razor burn. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
It´s okey
Not bad! Safe shaving and get´s good result.But the blade wont last in one month of the shave. In truth does one blade last about a week,if you shave every day.
1-4 days OK
If it's 1-4 days without a shave Proglide cuts it away No Problem!!! My Favorite.
Gillette fusion
The first time I have a great shave in 20 years.awesome blades
Great Shave - Bad Price
Love Fusion but HATE the price. Forced to switch to double edge "old fashioned" razor > Gillette is just TOO EXPENSIVE. Very SAD. How about it Gillette. Can you help your fans out???
Poor instructions
Takes a battery so must be an on off switch right? Out of all the unhelpful instructions they gave you think they could have told me how to turn it on! No instructions online either.
Wow just Wow
Used Gillette since I was 18. Received starter kit for free in the mail. Tried a few brands and even the more recent fad of monthly clubs. Fusion hands down wins. You get what you pay for.
Great product but over priced
A great product however you don't get value for your dollar???, It's over priced
Hadn't Worn Out Yet
My wife got me a Proglide Fusion and I finally started using it about six months ago. The first one isn't dull yet. How much do they cost anyway?
used Gillette for 30 years but these blades RUST!
I've used Gillette razors for 30 years but these blades RUST! This has happened to a few of the Fusion blades I've purchased - the blade closest to the wear strip develops rust spots.
Didn't hold up to the first shave.
The blue strip started balling up and leaving weird residue and after 3 strokes the full strip came off in 2 pieces, now I feel like I need to wash my leg again. I just used water
Happy with razor
I do not know how to change the blades on my Fusion Proglide razor
Quality Control Problems??
I've found that recent cartridges lack consistency. Some are dull and many of the "trimmer" blades are recessed to the point of being useless. Not worth the premium being charged.
This Product has great features.
This Product has great features. This Product has great features. This Product has great features. This Product has great features. This Product has great features.
Gillette products are always top of the line
I have a tough beard and have been using Gillette Blades, since before the Blue Blade, for a smooth close shave. I've found none better
Always a great shave.
Always a great shave. Switched to Fusion to get a closer shave and was not disappointed. Only downside is the fact they are a little pricey. Other than that a really close shave mate!
Lasts up to 28 days is a scam
The label says they will last up to 28 days. I'm lucky if I can get a week out of one. I guess they'd last that long for a 13 year old fair haired teenager.
Nice product
Product features are great, and offers smooth shaving. It is a pleasure to use this product.
VERY disappointed
I just spent almost $20 at Walmart for blades and the first one I tried to use was so dull I have cuts all over! I have used these blades for years and never had an issue until now.
Good Product
Very Good Sharp Product Very Good Sharp Product Very Good Sharp Product Very Good Sharp Product
I received these a a free sample with the Gillette razor. I really like the 5 blades as it give a close and smooth shave.
Closet shave you can get! Will never go back to 4 blades! Best shave first time everytime!!
This will last only a two day period! Maybe hot water ruins the blade??
The best razors that both my husband and I like. Easier,closer shave and the blue strip helps as a wonderful replacement reminder. Only problem is the price, but it's worth holding out for!
Wow! spent many years using Atra razor blades,THEN these Fusion blades came out-Even Better Shave and I have real sensitive skin.
This is a great razor and the blades last 4 to 5 weeks
I've tried many different blades, but this is the best!
Good product! Nice close shave, would reccomend to others.
The Gillette Fusion Razors are the best on the market. All other Razors don't compare.
BUT after 5 uses, closeness minimizes. A little expensive, but would recommend.
I stole my husbands razor I didn't have new blades, I will never buy a womens razor again!! I love how my skin feels after using this product!!
these things rock. i shave my head with them every other day and last more than 2 weeks. love em
I use Gillete Fusion blades daily to shave my head bald. It is the best product I have found for my needs.
Went online and found these blades at a better price than in the stores! no other blades shave as well as these do.Also you do not have to buy as many of these because they last longer than buying alot of the cheaper blades. Will order these again.
I bought this for my husband because he is using gillete products for more than 20 years This is perfect razor for him and he is very satisfied
When I use this razor I get a close and comfortable shave. The smoothness is outstanding
My husband loves these razors. They last a long time and give him the closest shave ever. We love them!!!
I have fairly sensitive skin and these blades provide maximum closeness w/no irritation. Highly recommend.