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How do I set up a subscription?

After you choose your favorite blade, select “Subscription” and how often you’d like to receive blades. For future purchases, you’ll automatically receive blades at your desired frequency. You can change your frequency, change your order date, or cancel anytime. And no worries: You can switch back to one-time ordering anytime by canceling your subscription on the My Services page and selecting “Reorder One-Time.”

How can I change my blade type?

Visit the My Services page under the “My Account” dropdown menu. Update your blade type by selecting “Swap Blade.” Once you select your new blade and save changes, we’ll include a complimentary razor handle with your next shipment. Click here for handle terms and conditions.

Do I get notifications when my blades ship?

Before we ship your blades, we’ll send you an email reminder with the details of your upcoming blade shipment. You’ll only be billed when we process and confirm your purchase. You’ll also be notified if you cancel your plan, if your plan item is temporarily out of stock, or if your product is discontinued.

How do I make changes or cancel my subscription?

You can make all sorts of changes to your subscription via the “My Account” dropdown menu. Make sure to save your changes.

Here’s what you can do on the My Profile page:
Update your contact information
Enable text reordering
Enter your birthday
Update how often you shave

Here’s what you can do on the My Payment page:
Update your payment information
Update your billing or shipping address

Here’s what you can do on the My Services page:
Order a product one-time or set up a subscription
Change your blade
Change your order delivery date
Add a new subscription
Cancel a subscription

Does GILLETTE® ON DEMAND™ offer women’s razors?

Gillette On Demand does not offer Venus® razors. However, you can purchase and find out more about Venus products here.

What if I want to gift a subscription?

At this time, we do not have a gifting option. You can gift a subscription or a one-time order by creating an account and putting a friend’s address as the shipping address.

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