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Are the blades I receive through my shave plan the same blades I buy at the store?

Yes—the blades delivered to your door are the same quality blades you’d find in-store

Why isn't the blade I'm looking for available on GILLETTE® ON DEMAND™?

Our mission is to make ordering blades easier than ever before, so we’re offering the 3 blades that best meet the needs of our customers. Today, Gillette On Demand offers Fusion5TM ProShield® blades, MACH3® blades, and Sensor® 3 disposable razors . Our full lineup of razors and razor blade refills is available at

Are your blades and handles compatible with others?
Great question! Check out the chart below to see which blades fit your razor handle.
Razors Blade Compatibility
Sensor®3 Disposable Razor N/A
MACH®3 Razor Fits All MACH®3 Blades
Fusion5TM ProShield® Razor Fits All Fusion5TM ProShield®, Fusion® ProGlide®, and Fusion® Blades
How long will my blades last?

Gillette blades last about 30 days, but this ultimately depends on how often you shave and your hair thickness. We base our 30-day claim on the average male shaver who shaves 3-4 times per week. To ensure a long-lasting Lubrastrip®, store your razor in the included organizer tray or face up, away from damp surfaces.

How do I remove the blade cartridge from my handle?

On the reverse side of your razor, hold the handle at its base and push the blade-release button—the blade should easily pop off. Now enjoy shaving with your fresh blade.

Do Gillette blades have a trimmer?

Fusion5TM ProShield® has a Precision Trimmer on the back for accurate edging.

Are you offering shaving cream?

Not right now, but we are constantly improving our service. Check out or any Gillette retailer to pick up one of our shave creams.

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