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    Great shave
    I don't need to shave often bit this is the best I have used
    the best
    You know folks I must be honest here, fact is I've tried to dislike Gillette razors, I've even cancelled my subscription here and signed up at the "economy ($ s-club)" then the blades came, then the truth about blades was obvious, Gillette beat the club's best blade by a landslide. let me tell you this my friends, the $ club's best blade was shot after three or four shaves, I mean use at your own risk shot . . I used the same pro shield blade for THREE MONTHS it's the high price that stinks RR
    Best Razors
    I've tried a bunch of different Razors and the problem with all of them except Gillette is that they get hair stuck in the razor and the top of the blade is always covered by too much plastic to effectively wash it out. Dollar shave club costed less, but I found I could only use the blade a few times before it got clogged with too much hair. Gillette blades really are the best you can buy.
    Best Shave Ever
    I tried one of the other shave clubs but there is no comparison to the quality of the Gillette blades. I get a very close shave not just on a fresh blade but often 3-4 times before I have to replace it. Yea it cost a little more initially than the other shave clubs but in the long run it actually cost less.
    Easy and convenient
    Love how easy and convenient this service is. The price is very competitive and good.
    Great Quality, Convenient and quick
    This is my first time trying a subscription razor service, and I worried shipping might be slow or there might be other issues, but as soon as I placed my order I received my razor and blades within just a few days. Really happy with the speed, how easy and fast it was to place my order, and the value. I got all these extra blades plus the razor shipped right to my door. I appreciate that I was given the opportunity to try this service out at no cost to me. A+++++ for sure
    Nice Concept
    I was a bit skeptical about trying this service, but once I received my package I was at ease. The Mach 3 gave me a very closer shave than the shaver I was using before. I would recommend this for people who don't want to spend too much time at the store trying to find blades that may not be there.
    Smooth Shave
    I ordered the Sensor 3 and received them very fast. I think within 2 days. I used a razor and got a nice smooth shave. My wife liked the feel of my face after shaving so she took one to use on her legs. I think I need to order more because I wont be getting them back. A nice smooth shave, no razor burn. cleans nicely too when using shave gel. I recommend, I received a Free set to try from Gillette On Demand. My review is honest and my own words.
    A nice blade
    I received an opportunity to try out a free order of razors form Gillette On Demand, and it was a good experience. The whole process was very simple to register for, and the razor and blades were of very good quality. I really liked the package it came in too. I ordered the Fusion® ProShield® Razor Blade. It was a good comfortable smooth shave. There was no problem with the product at all. Nice razors like these will always be expensive, but these are a good way to get a good price.
    I'm loving this new service.... price is fair and the best quality razorblades! The text reorder process is fantastic!
    Good with extras
    I liked this razor a lot, the blades are good but the amount of them makes up for it. The combs are not noticeable to me. The trimmer is helpful because it is hard to get under your nose with the lubricator strips. I did receive my first order from Gillette on demand.
    Very Good Product
    I've been using whatever razor was on sale at my local grocery store, often generic store brand ones. I was fortunate to try the Mach3 turbo for free. I use it to shave both my face and sometimes my head. I feel as though I get a much better shave than I was getting with some store brand 5 blade razors. No nicks or cuts as long as you take your time. This is a great product. Would definitely recommend.
    Easy process and fast shipping
    Got this for free as apart of a promotion to try out the ordering and razor. The set up to order it was great and easy. Ordered the razor I wanted and waited less than a week to get it to me. The razors Gillette fusion pro glide are the best on the market and provide a close and great feeling shave. It’s like getting a shave from the barber but it’s cheaper. Great product and service. Would recommend to friends to try if you didn’t want to go to a store or have someone send them every month.
    Quick & Easy
    I received my first order from Gillette On Demand as a free promotion. The shipment ordering was easy and product arrived quickly. The packaging was sturdy but not over the top, which was good. Overall a nice, convenient service for buying razors
    Great Razor
    I received my first shippment for free from Gillette. The convenience of this on demand shipping is top notch. The razors are high quality and easy to use, and being able to have them delivered to the house is great. Gillette makes it simple to groom as neede without having to rush out to get what you need. Great product and service.
    Great blades & Value
    I received a first month free from Gillette on Demand i chose the Fusion ProShield i received my order in four days from my entry on Gillette on Demand which was very easy to order best of all did not have to go to store to get new Blades and Razor. I would recommend this for everyone.
    Great Razor and Blade
    I've been using this razor and blades for a while now for the price they give you a great shave and do the job nicely! This service of having them delivered to my home is also very convenient, I received my first shipment free from Gillette on Demand so that is an even better bargain and the fourth shipment is also free so it really brings the overall cost down Would highly recommend this service Mine shipped and were received within two days
    Great Razor
    I received the product as part of a promotion from the brand. I do not know how Gillette engineers are able to continually improve their "Fusion" blades but somehow they do, and this is their best offering to date. I have been a Gillette guy since I started shaving. Every time they put out a new razor, I upgrade to it. Honestly I am never disappointed. I had been using the fushion pro glide (orange and blue). Now I have started using these proshield yellow blades and I will not go back.
    # 1 on the market
    gillette on demand is a great service. i never have to go to the store anymore to buy razors. that means i don't have to deal with the lines to check out or drive to pick them up.i have alreadyrecommended this program to friends and family. plus you can order more blades with your phone in under 5 minutes.
    A smooth razor
    I received my first month free from Gillette On Demand. The delivery was quick and packaged securely. The Proshield is smooth and irritation free as described, cleans well, and came with 4 blades.
    Great Razor, Good Price, Mad Convenience
    I received a Mach3 as part of a promotion from Gillette On Demand. I was familiar with the Razor; it is affordable (but not cheap). My first order contained the handle with a razor and four cartridges. It came within 5 days of my first order and I can now text them the next time I need cartridges. Overall the quality is unrivaled - the razor makes a clean and smooth shave which tends to last longer than 1 or 2 blade models. The price is slightly better than stores; and they come to you!
    Fast & Easy
    I received my first order as a promotion offer where I received a ProShield Razor and four blades. Combined with five blades, lubrication and the precision trimmer the ProShield is the best razor and blade combination on the market today. The lubrication before and after the blades is great to prevent irritation and the FlexBall technology allows the razor to follow the contours of my face to ensure a great shave. The subscription is program is quick and easy and shipping is always fast.
    Awesome razor
    This razor is awesome! Great price. Shaved without pulling hairs, no knicks or cuts. Smooth face left feeling great! Worth it. ( received this razor as part of a promotion)
    Very nice razor
    I received my first months subscription free from Gillette as part of a promotion. I'm very happy with the on-demand service. It was very easy to select a razor and place the order. Once my order was placed I received my razor in 3 days. Very fast shipping and convenient delivery. The razor was nicely packaged and easy to use. My first time using the razor felt like I didn't have any hair on my face as it cut so smoothly and cleanly. I didn't get any cuts and my face was baby smooth.
    Convenience Convenience Convenience
    I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of getting the Gillette razors delivered to my door. I received my first month free from Gillette On Demand and if I wasn't growing a beard, I would continue my service based on the convenience alone.I think you get what you are paying for in terms of quality and the Gillette product has always been a consistently good shave. It's a little more expensive than some of the competitors but overall the blades make the difference.
    Fantastic Razor with quick delivery
    I have been using a Mach 3 as my primary razor for over a decade. The shave is close and the blades move smoothly over your skin. It is a fantastic product at a great price! Gillette On Demand provides me with even more convenience, no long needing to drive to he store to get replacement blades! The first order was free with is a fantastic bonus and the order was here in a couple days, super speedy for free shipping.
    If you are a Gillette Man...
    If you are a Gillette Man, this is the best a man can get! You get known Gillette quality, at a much more reasonable price point than picking up at your local big-box or drug store. Hard to go wrong!
    Easy to set up, and a free set of blades!
    Setting up the service was easy to do! I did receive a card to get a free handle and first of blades, which wasn't terribly clear that I had to do this on a website -- I thought I could do it all by text. Anyway, love the convenience, the quality of the blades, setting up a schedule. Great idea Gillette!
    Great razor, great convenience!
    The Gillette Fusion has long been my razor of choice. Now that it is offered in a subscription service, that makes it very convenient for someone who is on-the-go like myself. Not to mention, FIRST MONTH IS FREE thanks to Gillette On Demand! Thanks Gillette for providing a great product and for doing so in a way that meets the needs of your busy consumers.
    The Best Shave Ever
    I have used these blades for years and they are the best blades around. The stay sharp for a long time and always leave my face feeling soft and no razor burns.
    Fast and easy
    The ordering of this product was fast and easy. This makes shaving easy. I like the fact that all I have to do is send a text and I get my reorder. You can not beat that. Comes fast to your house. Prices are same as most stores but this way you don't waste the gas. I will be telling all my friends about this.
    Easiest way to shave without leaving home
    I found the ease of your site a great way to order my blades, why would I want to run to the store for razors ever again when I can get them right here
    Great product & chesp price
    So convenient! Quick shipping! Great quality products! Very affordable! Highly recommend the Mach 3 Turbo!
    Ok Service, Bad packaging
    Always liked Gillette blades and these makes it easy but the packaging needs to be updated. Dollar Shave club comes in a small envelope and easy to remove blades. I still have to cut these open as they are retail packaged and they come in a box that is ridiculous for the size of the razor package.
    Thus is disposable? Wow. Under 2$ a piece and free delivery weekly for 31.00/month. Can't beat that!
    Great Blades
    Great quality razors as always. Quick delivery and affordable prices!
    Gillette Proshield
    I was extremely satisfied with this order. Thanks so much
    Best Quality
    I tried the dollar shave club. The blades just arent as good as Gillette. I will continue to use what works best. Plus the 4th order is free. Which for me is great. Its not like i am going to quit shaving any time soon.
    makes life so much easier
    i love this service. makes life so much easier and i have recommended this to everyone i know. they come right to your door and you no longer have to shop for the razor you want and find the cheapest places. with this you save quite a bit in the long run. especially when you figure in time and gas prices getting to that cheaper store. everything costs something. an ordering with the subscription saves a lot for me. i usually get my razors from walmart which is in the next county over. love this
    Love this service!
    This has saved time and money. I no longer have to search for the perfect razor or worry about stores being out of stock.

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